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Independent Retailer Month: Get involved!

Independent Retailer Month in the UK has 3 aims:
  • To encourage all those who live in the local area to visit their nearby towns and villages, to explore the local, independent businesses in their community and to rediscover what their place has to offer. To vote with their feet, and with their wallets, if they really do care about having a sustainable, thriving high street!
  • To encourage independent consumer-facing businesses in towns and village centres to create fun, engaging activities and events throughout July. To focus on attracting the local community back into the town, high street or village centre. To ensure that consumers have a great experience that will in turn make more people want to come back more often.
  • To encourage product suppliers and all those who serve the independent retail sector to spread the word. Where possible to garner the support from suppliers to enable the retailers to deliver fantastic in-store events and activities, throughout July.
There are so many ways to get involved - we've shared some ideas below.

Ways to Get involved!

There is an unending list of ways to get involved... Anything's possible - you're only limited by your imagination, so let it run wild! From fashion shows to pyjama parties, from tasting events to style make-overs. Ask your customers what they would enjoy... What would they tell their friends about and invite them along to?

What ever you do spread the word - take some video for our YouTube Channel - complete the sentence 'I love this shop because...', share your pictures on our facebook page, tell us what you are doing on the linkedin group, check out our twitter stream via #IndieRetail and add the hash tag to your tweets for all to see. You could even invite the local press and radio along to cover your story... the important thing is to make some noise, to get noticed and to celebrate independent retail throughout July!

Retailers - Get involved!

Here are just a few ideas - you can also download our 'How to make the most out of Independent Retailer Month' guide from the Resources page
  • Download the Independent Retailer Month logo and add to your window graphics or ecommerce pages.
  • Send a newsletter to your shoppers announcing your participation in Independent Retailer Month and share details of any activities / promotions / events you will be hosting
  • Contact local media and announce your involvement in Independent Retailer Month, let them know what's going on - you can even invite them along!
  • Engage your local Chamber of Commerce / FSB / BIDs / Town Centre Manager / Other trade associations and ask them to help support the program, including as many local businesses as possible
  • 'Like' us on our facebook page and share your images and news on our wall.
  • 'Follow' us twitter via @IndieRetailUK so we can retweet your news and spread the word about what you'll be doing to celebrate Independent Retailer Month

Local people - Get involved!

You can encourage your customers and people in your local community to support the campaign as follows:
  • Encourage them to pledge to shop locally (as much as practical) for the month of July to support their local independent retailers
  • Searh for all their local independent shops on our independent shops directory.
  • Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to find out whats happening in their area
  • Join the fun and attend the activities / promotions / events
  • Tell their friends to support the campaign too!

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Suppliers - Get involved!

Let's face it, Independent Retail is a critical route to market for many smaller brands. As a sector, Independent retailers spend a huge amount on services too... so it stands to reason your suppliers should want to support you! Here are some ideas as to how:
  • Product Suppliers: Support your independent retail clients with promotions, visual merchandising, window features to really make a WOW of their stores in July (and to draw attention to YOUR products!)
  • Service Providers: Help your local retailers in whatever way you can - perhaps providing resources, supporting with local PR, supporting with providing window posters / car stickers - whatever you can do to enable them to reach out to more consumers!

Local press & media - Get involved!

Press and media can support the independent retail businesses in their community by spreading the word about what Independent Retailer Month events, activities and promotions are happening and keeping consumers up to date as to what to look forward to in their local area throughout July. Please also see our press and media page.
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